Pink Princess Mini Diaper Cake Centerpiece Set

Chic Baby Cakes



Beautiful pink and gold themed mini diaper cake centerpieces for use are your princess themed baby shower. Each mini diaper cake includes 8 size 1 Pampers Swaddlers diapers, for a total of 24. Each cake also has a gold glitter die-cut paper tiara and front tag that can I can customize for you. For example, the first tag can say "Welcome", the 2nd can say "Baby", and the 3rd can say "Lana".

The three mini cakes come with a white tray you can sit them on.

-3 mini diaper cakes
-3 die-cut paper crowns
-1 tray: 17x6"

Cake Diameter - about 5"
Cake Height with Topper - about 7"