Red & Black Little Man Centerpiece Sticks

Chic Baby Cakes



Little Man centerpiece sticks for your little man themed baby shower or birthday party.

Default colors are red and black but you may request a different color scheme.

Little man set includes:
- "Little Man" sign - 4x2"
- onesie with bow tie - 4x3.5"
- bow tie - 3x1.5"
- mustache - 3x.8"
- bowler hat - 3x2.45:

Each centerpiece comes double'sided on 8" sticks. The bow tie on the onesie is only on the front of the onesie.

This does not included the vase, shred, and bow tie on the vase.

Please allow 3-5 days for me to complete your order plus 2-7 days transit time depending on where you're located.