Purple and Turquoise Girl Baby Shower Card Box

Chic Baby Cakes

$30.00 $60.00


Adorable and unique baby shower gift card box to add to your girl baby shower! This card box is made to look like a cute diaper bag and it has handles. After the shower, remove the cards from the bottom, seal it back up, and use it as a savings box for your little onse!

Color scheme of the original box is royal purple, turquoise, and gold. You may request a custom listing to get a cardbox that matches your shower.

Dimensions: 10x8x6"
Slot can fit 5x7" cards, and can hold up to 50 cards.

Also comes with a sign that reads "Cards".


This card box is apart of the first set of cardboxes I made. Since, I have found a new, better way to make them so these will be discontinued and will be half-priced. There is only one of this design, ready to ship next day if purchased before 5pm. (This listig is also on my Etsy shop but there is still only one.)