Pink and Silver Girl Baby Shower Card Box

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Adorable and unique baby shower gift card box to add to your girl baby shower! This card box is made to look like a cute diaper bag and it has handles. After the shower, remove the cards from the bottom, seal it back up, and use it as a savings box for your little onse!

Color scheme of the original box is pink, silver, gray, and white. You may request a custom listing to get a cardbox that matches your shower.

Dimensions: 10x8x6"
Slot can fit 5x7" cards, and can hold up to 50 cards.

Also comes with a sign that reads "(baby's name) Cards".

The original trial box has been sold. New design coming soon! The new design will look just like the original, however, the opening will be on the top instead of the bottom. 

The new card boxes will be the original $60. If you would like me to make one sooner, please contact me so I can make you a custom listing and get started.

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