Pink and Black Spade Themed Girl Diaper Cake Centerpiece Set

Chic Baby Cakes



Gorgeous pink, black, white, and gold diaper cake centerpiece set. This set includes 1 large diaper cake with 95 size 1 Pampers Swaddlers diapers, and 6 mini diaper cakes 8 size 1 diapers in each. The mini diaper cakes are double-sided so what you see on the front is what you will see on the back. Each mini cake is embellished with a black and gold spade, gold-toned rhinestone, and topped with a glitter gold tiara. Sitting in the center of the tiaras is either a mini paper purse, baby block, or baby shoes.

Diaper cake dimensions: 

-4 tier diaper cake: about 12" diameter and 20" height

-mini diaper cakes: about 5" diameter and 9" height with topper